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De-clutter your office 30 March 2016

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As spring finally arrives, now is the perfect time to put on those marigolds and give your office a spring clean. In a survey by Adecco over half (57%) of workers admitted to judging their coworkers based on the cleanliness of their workspace and almost just as many said they’d been “appalled” by a dirty office. Do you really want to appall your coworkers? We didn’t think so. A clean office can go a long way in helping you to declutter your mind and get yourself ready for work. Here are our top tips for making your office that bit more zen.

  1. Clear out your drawers, especially the top, if you have one. It’s easy to throw things into a desk drawer just to get things out of the way, but after time you’ll probably forget what you even have in there. Make sure you get rid of everything you don’t use or need and invest in some drawer dividers. This way, all your bits and bobs have their own place and can be found easily.

  2. Keep all the essential items at arm’s length. This will make your day that bit easier. If you have things that you use on a regular basis, you might find yourself rummaging around for them. For anything else, try and keep similar things together in designated zones and keep your desk clear of rubbish.

  3. Ever thought about going paperless? Okay, so paperless might be a big ask, but you could at least try to go paperlight. Having piles of paper and files lying around is only going to stress you out more than necessary. Put all your files into either a keep, throw or maybe pile - put the maybe pile into a box for a month and if you’ve still not used them then it’s time to throw them away.

  4. It’s not just your physical space that needs tidying either - digital space can also get cluttered if you’re not organised. Firstly, find any duplicate files and ones you no longer need and get rid. Next, create a logical filing system on your computer, as well as those files you sorted into piles earlier. Try to keep related files in one general place and create sub-folders rather than lots of different folders for each subject matter. And finally, make sure your desktop isn’t covered in icons, just ready and raring to give you a headache every morning.

  5. Keep track of your to-do lists. There’s loads of apps and websites out there now that will create to-do lists for you, even some which you can use as a team and assign tasks to one another. A great example is the Wunderlist app which puts all your to-do lists, reminders and notes together, letting you create specific lists for tasks. If you’re insistent on using paper then throw them away when you’ve completed the list, and if you start a new list before you finish another just add the outstanding tasks onto the new list. Finally, do NOT email to-do lists to yourself, we’re guessing you have enough of those already without sending yourself some.