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Top office design trends 11 October 2016

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A well-designed office is the key to a productive and inspired workforce. Not only will a good office space directly influence employee morale but it can also boost engagement with your business. In recent years specifically, as businesses develop and modernise to keep with the times, so do their offices. To maintain a competitive edge, companies are looking more closely than ever before at what influences their results and this includes creating the perfect office environment.

In general terms, office modernisation comes from the shift towards companies blending the perception of ‘the home’ into ‘the office’ and vice versa.

Due to a huge increase in the usage of technology, employees are rarely out of touch with the office, or even switched off at all, which makes it increasingly important that workspaces feel comfortable and familiar during those core hours, to maximise productivity.

So what design trends are most popular among businesses? Here, we take a look.

Transformable meeting spaces

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Google have recently come together to design a flexible cocoon-like cubicle which provides the perfect meeting space for up to eight people. 


Google's cocoon meeting space

The cubicle is designed for open plan offices, acting as a space that removes noise and provides privacy to fit employees needs. Whilst not in use, the cocoon can transform and change shape, contracting and morphing into the ceiling and leaving a clear and open area below.

Research from MIT has suggested that working in an open office with transformable meeting spaces provides flexibility and develop collaborative opportunities.


Office wellbeing

In recent years, as HR directors begin to take a more active role in the decision-making process, staff wellbeing has been given more consideration. Little things like natural lighting can reduce factors like stress, headaches and exhaustion, resulting in higher productivity.

Keeping your office healthy will help lower short-term absences, and businesses can do this by making sure they provide an office space with showers or gym provision, for example, to improve physical wellbeing.

Lancastrian roof garden

The roof garden at Bruntwood's Lancastrian building

Loud noises can also damage the wellbeing of staff in an office. To resolve this, providing workers with quiet rooms, roof gardens or outside space to concentrate can improve mental wellbeing, confidence and creativity.

Break-out spaces

A common trend among modern businesses in recent years is to create break-out spaces for staff, where they can escape from their workstations. Offices that provide comfortable areas to relax, hold informal meetings and eat lunch, often stimulate relaxed collaboration among workers.

Break out space at Trafford House

Break out space at Bruntwood in Trafford House

Businesses can take inspiration from global leaders in fun when it comes to the office. For example, companies like Amazon and Google keep their break out areas quirky with innovative designs and themes.

According to designers of the Google headquarters in London, their choice of office layout was purely about human beings and what they find most fun and comfortable. Visual stimulation, health, relaxation, exercise and fresh air are some of the core principles behind their design.

Flexible layouts

Another style adopted by many modern businesses means getting rid of permanent workspaces and having a design that is flexible. Offices with components that can be mixed, stacked and moved around provide numerous combinations for collaboration.

Flexible working space

Flexible working space at Trafford House

Mixing up design and creating an office layout that is ever-changing will keep workers stimulated as well as allowing them to arrange things in a way that works for them and boosts their productivity.

Green space

Unfortunately, the UK weather doesn’t always allow workers to sit outside on their lunch break or when they need some time out. Creating a green space inside is a great way to address this issue and bring the outdoors inside. Companies around the world are beginning to plant gardens and design interiors to make working feel like a walk in the park.

57 Spring Gardens reception

Reception at 57 Spring Gardens in Manchester

Even the smallest green area, like some astro turf with a picnic bench and some plants, can have a positive impact on workers.

Are you looking for modern office space that boosts staff productivity? Find the best design by visiting the Bruntwood website.

Open plan working at Neo
Open plan working at Neo